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2019 Bills Vetoed

Below is a list of bills Governor Sununu has vetoed, which includes the bill number, the title, and a link to the governor’s veto message.

This list is complete as of September 3rd.

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Hinch Applauds Governor Sununu Signature of Perfluorinated Chemicals Commission

CONCORD- Merrimack State Representative Dick Hinch thanked Governor Sununu for signing HB737, establishing a commission to investigate and analyze the environmental and public health impacts relating to releases of perfluorinated chemicals in the air, soil, and groundwater in Merrimack, Bedford, and Litchfield. 

“I would like to thank Governor Sununu for signing this critical legislation. The residents of Merrimack, Bedford, and Litchfield deserve to know the full scope of negative effects that perfluorinated chemicals have on their health and community, and this commission is an important step in achieving that goal,” said Hinch. “The information gathered by this commission will assist state government in staying on top of our water crisis and mitigating any current and future issues that arise. I’m proud of all the progress made in addressing Merrimack’s water crisis and I will continue to work with leaders on all levels to protect our constituents health and safety.”

Hinch Applauds Approval of Merrimack PFAS Reduction Project Funds

CONCORD – Merrimack State Representative Dick Hinch thanked members of the Drinking Water And Groundwater Advisory Commission for their vote to approve a loan and grant application by the Merrimack Village District (MVD) for improvements to MVD Wells #2, #3, #7, & #8 to reduce levels of PFAS to below detection.

“I’d like to commend the Merrimack Village District Board of Commissioners, the Merrimack Village District personnel, and the project engineers for working with the subcommittee and full committee, and putting together a solid plan of action. This project is critical for the health and safety of the residents of Merrimack. I thank the members of the Drinking Water And Groundwater Advisory Commission for their unanimous vote to approve a grant and loan package this morning,” Hinch said. “I will continue to work with state and local leaders behind the scenes to address Merrimack’s water crisis, and this is just one of many fronts by which we can make progress.”

The total grant amount is $1,450,000. The total loan amount is $6,264,500.

The Drinking Water And Groundwater Advisory Commission is a state board comprised of House and Senate members, executive branch department officials, and appointed public members. The commission reviews and approves grants and loans, revolving loan funds, and matching funds to projects on a competitive basis from the drinking water and groundwater trust fund. All disbursements or grants require approval of the governor and council. According to state law, funds may be awarded if the project meets one of the following criteria:

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House Republican Leader Applauds Veto of Anti-Gun Legislation

Concord, NH – House Republican Leader Dick Hinch (R-Merrimack) released the following statement following the veto of three pieces of anti-gun legislation: HB109, HB514, HB564.

“New Hampshire is consistently ranked as one of the safest states in the nation. The vast majority of gun owners in New Hampshire are honest, law abiding citizens,” said Hinch. “These bills are an unnecessary attempt to solve a problem that doesn’t exist in our state. This excessive government overreach has the potential to make criminals out of responsible gun owners. Had these bills become law, they would have done nothing to alleviate the concerns of the bills’ proponents, and I support the decision of Governor Sununu to veto them.”

A copy of the Governor’s veto message can be found here.

Republican Leader Applauds Veto of Job-Killing Legislation

Concord, NH – House Republican Leader Dick Hinch (R-Merrimack) issued a statement following Governor Sununu’s veto of SB10, relative to the state minimum hourly rate. 

“Our state’s small business community can breathe a sigh of relief today thanks to the Governor’s veto of this ill-conceived bill. The negative impact of a government mandated wage hike is demonstrably clear. Employees would have been hurt by having their jobs cut or hours significantly reduced and employers prevented from hiring new employees or expanding their business,” Hinch said. “It’s a no-win situation.”

“This type of public policy runs contrary to all of the work done by Republicans in recent years to bolster our economy. I trust business owners to make appropriate wage decisions for “their market conditions and company needs” without government mandates or interference.” said Hinch. “The Republican caucus will proudly stand with the people of New Hampshire and sustain the Governor’s veto.”

A copy of the Governor’s veto message can be found here.