House Republicans Comment on Defeat of HB650

downloadCONCORD – Deputy House Speaker Gene Chandler (R-Bartlett) offered the following statement on the defeat of HB650, a bill that would have placed unnecessary mandates on certain firearm sales in New Hampshire. The bill was defeated by a vote of 236-124.

Rep. Gene Chandler (R-Bartlett)

“New Hampshire ranks among the safest states in America and the vast majority of gun owners in New Hampshire are honest, law abiding citizens. This bill was an unnecessary attempt to solve a non-existent problem in our state.”

“Those with criminal intent already circumvent existing laws to obtain firearms. Placing new restrictions and mandates on certain firearms sales will only impede the rights of law abiding gun owners and dealers.”

House Republican Whip Comments on Defeat of Sales Tax Proposal

downloadCONCORD – House Republican Whip Rep. Dick Hinch (R-Merrimack) gave the following statement in reaction to the defeat of HB673, a proposal for a sales and use tax sponsored by House Democrat Rep. Gilman Shattuck (D-Hillsborough). The bill was killed by a vote of 355-13.

House Republican Whip Rep. Dick Hinch (R-Merrimack)

“Good riddance. A large part of the New Hampshire economy depends on our unique tax environment. Removing incentives for consumers to choose to spend their money here would hurt our border communities, our tourism industry and countless other businesses that engage in commerce that would have been taxable under this bill. The New Hampshire Advantage, our lack of a sales or income tax, is something House Republicans cherish and will fight to preserve. This bill would have only grown government on the backs of consumers.”

House Majority Leader Statement on Introduction of Sales Tax Bill

downloadCONCORD – House Majority Leader Jack Flanagan (R-Brookline) offered the following statement in reaction to the introduction of HB 673, a bill sponsored by Rep. Gilman Shattuck (D-Hillsborough), that would impose a 2.25% sales tax in New Hampshire. The bill had a public hearing before the House Ways and Means committee Thursday at 1:00 pm.

House Majority Leader Jack Flanagan (R-Brookline)

“House Bill 673 would end what we call ‘The New Hampshire Advantage.’ New Hampshire continues to lead by example when it comes to low personal tax burdens. Being the only state in the region without a sales tax enhances our ability to attract visitors, commerce, and economic activity. House Republicans have pledged to stop any effort to establish a broad based tax. This bill would undoubtedly grow government on the backs of consumers and jeopardize our economic recovery.”

House Republicans Comment on Bill Modifying RGGI Program to Benefit Ratepayer

downloadCONCORD – House Majority Leader Jack Flanagan (R-Brookline) and Rep. Michael Vose (R-Epping), member of the House Science, Technology & Energy committee, today offered the following statements on the passage of HB 208, as amended, that would modify New Hampshire’s enrollment in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, such that 100% of revenue would be rebated back to ratepayers. The bill passed by a roll call vote of 201-154.

House Republican Leader Jack Flanagan (R-Brookline)

“Many of us pledged during the last campaign to find ways to reduce the overall cost of energy in New Hampshire and we believe HB208 would keep that promise by providing a net benefit to ratepayers. High electricity rates are an impediment to economic growth. Reducing costly mandates, or in this case modifying those mandates to be more cost neutral, is one way we can make New Hampshire more affordable and competitive.”

Rep. Michael Vose (R-Epping), House Science, Technology & Energy committee

“Most people don’t know that RGGI imposes extra costs on power generators who in turn pass that cost along to ratepayers. It’s a hidden tax. HB 208 returns the revenue from that hidden tax back to the people from whom it was taken and provides some measure of relief for families and businesses.”

House Republicans Comment on Defeat of Democrats’ Single-Payer Health Care Bill

downloadCONCORD – House Majority Leader Jack Flanagan (R-Brookline) and House Commerce Committee member Rep. Joe Hannon (R-Lee) today offered the following statements on the defeat of HB 686, a bill sponsored by House Democrats that would have established a socialized single payer health care system in  New Hampshire. The bill was killed by a majority voice vote.

House Majority Leader Jack Flanagan (R-Brookline)

“I’d like to thank our Vermont neighbors for bringing to light the crippling costs associated with implementing a single payer health care system. They’ve abandoned their plan for socialized medicine, and today, the New Hampshire House roundly rejected this bill that would have led to skyrocketing taxes and a reduction in the quality of and access to care.”

Rep. Joe Hannon (R-Lee), House Commerce Committee

“Bringing forward legislation of this nature while we are still in the early stages of the Affordable Care Act is a tacit admission that Obamacare is a failed policy.”

House Majority Leader Comments on Minimum Wage Bills

CONCORD – House Majority Leader Jack Flanagan (R-Brookline) today offered the following comments relative to the four House Bills dealing with raising the minimum wage in New Hampshire that had a public hearing today before the House Labor Committee.


House Majority Leader Jack Flanagan (R-Brookline)


“These proposals have the potential to negatively affect our job climate in New Hampshire and could threaten the viability of many small and medium sized businesses especially in the hospitality industry, which many workers in our state depend on.  For many small employers, a government mandated wage increase of up to 114% is just not affordable, and they may have to reduce their overall number of employees or raise prices to compensate. In an economy that is still in recovery, this is not a viable option.”

“Raising the minimum wage could also reduce or eliminate job opportunities for our young workers who rely on entry level, part time, or seasonal jobs for valuable work experience.”

“The New Hampshire business community is compassionate and more than capable of making reasonable decisions that best suits the needs of their employees and the viability of their businesses. They know what it takes to attract and retain employees.”

“Republicans aren’t against higher wages. We are proponents of creating the economic conditions for businesses to thrive to ensure everyone has the opportunity to find a good paying job. Government mandates do exactly the opposite.”