House Republican Leader Disappointed in Democrats Continued Attacks on NH Small Business

CONCORD – House Republican Leader Dick Hinch (R-Merrimack) offered the following statement on the passage of SB10, establishing the state minimum hourly rate based on whether an employer offers paid sick days to an employee.

“We’ve heard from small business owners around the state about how a minimum wage increase will be a disaster for them and their communities. Just last week, NHPR featured Mother Goose Daycare from Gorham where they discussed the sobering impact this would have on their business. A minimum wage hike would force them to ask families already struggling to make ends meet to pay nearly double their current price for child-care.”

“It’s clear that this minimum wage hike will most negatively impact New Hampshire’s small businesses and will needlessly increase their cost of doing business. Republicans have spent the last few year focused on creating the economic conditions that will allow businesses to thrive, House Democrats seem hell-bent on undoing that good work.”

House Republican Leader Reacts to Democrats Broken Promise on Medicaid Expansion

CONCORD – House Republican Leader Dick Hinch (R-Merrimack) offered the following statement on the passage of SB290, relative to the New Hampshire granite advantage health care program. The bill would significantly water down provisions worked out in a bipartisan manner last year relative to the work requirement for enrollees, and set an dangerous position of allowing general funds to be used for the program.

“Make no mistake, SB290 is a direct attack on the bipartisan compromise reached just last year on the granite advantage health care program. Part of that deal was prohibiting the use of General Funds for the program, so no matter what, taxpayers will be protected. Why Democrats are removing this prudent measure is beyond me.”

“This bill significantly weakens the work requirement that has only just been implemented. I’m disappointed that Democrats broke a promise in an attempt to solve a problem that we’re not even sure exists. These changes will result in less incentives for enrollees to participate in our economy in a way that may help them get off the program in the future, and could put our tax payers on the hook for tens of millions in new costs.”

House Republican Leader: Hello, Income Tax. Goodbye, New Hampshire Advantage

CONCORD – House Republican Leader Dick Hinch (R-Merrimack) reacted to a proposed non-germane amendment sponsored by Democrats in the Senate and House that would establish a 6.2% payroll tax on some earners in New Hampshire.

Amendment 2019-2031s, which is being heard today at 1:00pm, proposes to impose a 6.2% state payroll tax on income above $132,900 and is subject to annual adjustment.

“This is an egregious attempt by pro-income tax Democrats’ to end the New Hampshire Advantage. This is a broad-based tax that will affect a high number of households in New Hampshire. A sizeable portion of our population chose to live here because of our lack of an income tax. This proposal would fundamentally and negatively affect our state’s personal tax environment, and to have this come forward via a non-germane amendment is bizarre at best.”

“If Democrats’ want to show their true colors and support this income tax proposal, they will be held accountable in next year’s election. This is just another attempt to turn New Hampshire into a high-tax state like Connecticut or New York, and New Hampshire voters won’t stand for it. “ “The prime sponsor believes people who make enough to be affected by this income tax, ‘don’t pay attention to every penny,’ and that, ‘This is almost a painless way to raise revenue.’ I have a newsflash for supporters of this bill. I guarantee you they do, and it will cause pain for many New Hampshire families.”