House Majority Leader’s Statement on the Passage SB3

CONCORD- House Majority Leader Richard “Dick” Hinch (R-Merrimack) issued the following statement regarding the Senate’s passage of SB3 relative to domicile for voting purposes.

“I applaud our Republican colleagues in the Senate today on the passage of Senate Bill 3. SB3 is an important piece of legislation that will continue to preserve New Hampshire’s electoral integrity by making sure that the right to vote is protected for all of the eligible voters of our state while cracking down on those that look to take advantage of the voting process.

In a state where numerous elections have been decided by just a handful of votes, it is important to make sure that every ballot cast by an eligible voter is counted. I look forward to SB3’s introduction to the House and working to get it passed so we can get this important piece of legislation to the Governor’s desk.”

Statement by Speaker Shawn Jasper upon learning of the passing of Rep. Steve Vaillancourt of Manchester

“It is with great sadness that we learned this morning of the sudden passing of Rep. Steve Vaillancourt of Manchester.  We will remember Steve as an outstanding orator and a man who was certainly dedicated to his principles.  He was serving his 10th term in the NH House, representing the voters of Ward 8 in Manchester.  Rep. Vaillancourt was a valuable member of the House Finance committee where he served as a strong advocate for the taxpayers of our State. Today’s news comes as a shock to us all.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to is brother, Norman.  I will pass along any details of any funeral arrangements as they become available.”

House Speaker, Finance Chair Announce Property Tax Relief, Infrastructure Aid in House Budget

CONCORD – House Speaker Shawn Jasper and leaders of the House Finance Committee today announced details of two initiatives to be included in the House version of the state budget bills that will focus on returning money back to cities and towns. In addition to existing programs directing funds to municipalities for education funding, meals and rooms tax revenue distribution, and road betterment funds, these House budget provisions propose to increase state aid.

They include:

  • $25 million per year in direct aid to cities and towns to assist with property tax relief.
  • Up to $50 million from FY 2017 will be set aside to assist municipalities with infrastructure improvements, which may include roads, bridges, schools and other core projects essential to communities.

“We are committed to increasing aid to cities and towns in an effort to provide some relief to property taxpayers. With an aging population, we need to protect our seniors’ ability to stay in their homes,” said House Speaker Shawn Jasper (R-Hudson), “We also need to keep home ownership affordable for the workers and young families we need to retain in our state in order to sustain our economy. These programs will offset costs that our municipalities incur, and we hope they are the driving force in local decisions to ease the burden on local property taxpayers.” (more…)